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About Us

Customer Focused Approach

We are a family car rental company in Namibia and are located in Windhoek. Hornbill car hire is led by a team of experts that strive to give the best service possible. Customer care and safety is our highest priority. Hornbill car hire wants you to fully appreciate the beauty of our landscapes in Namibia. Come and enjoy the easiest and most convenient way to rent a vehicle for your journey.


A Range of Choice

We offer a wide fleet of 4x4 vehicles that will journey with you on your adventures. We offer manual transmission as well as automatic 4x4 vehicles. You also have a choice of double cab or single cab vehicles. With or without camping equipment.


Customer Focused Approach

We offer camping equipment from roof tents to ground tents and all extras to use for a comfortable camping experience. All camping equipment includes tents, tables, chairs, sleeping gear, fridge, cooking box, grill, gas cooker and wash basin.